Feb 18-19, 23 UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley [this huge tournament brought 187 teams from 23 states]:

  • JV PF:  Sophia/Susan were the co-champion (1st!). Nick/Evan made double-octofinals.
    • Sophia was 6th speaker. 
  • JV LD: Amy and Justin made semifinals. Laya made quarterfinalsJeevpreet and Gavin made octofinals. Shiwen, Robin, and Jason made double-octofinals.
    • Gavin was 5th speaker. Amy was 8th speaker. Namrata was 10th speaker. 
    • Both JV semifinalists, one octofinalist, and all three double-octofinalists were middle schoolers competing in a high school division.
  • MS PF:  Leon/Vivian made semifinals. Isabella/Karis made quarterfinals. Juliana/Annie made octofinals.
    • Katie was 3rd speaker. 
  • Varsity LD: Annabelle made octofinal.  Ethan AND Alena made triple-octofinals. 
  • Varsity CX: Iva/Braden and Brendan/Jeffrey made double-octofinals.
    • Iva and Braden are middle schoolers competing in a high school division.
  • Impromptu: Richard took 6th. Meera and Ashley made semifinals. Evan and Annie made quarterfinals. Nicole and Kelly made octofinals.
  • DI: Ashley made semifinals.
  • Info: Anna made semifinals.
  • POI: Ashley made semifinals.
  • Oratory: Audrey (a middle schooler!) made quarterfinals. Luna made octofinals.
  • Extemp: Evan made octofinals.

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