Ms. TsaiEnthusiastic Computer Developer, Computer Instructor, and Substitute Teacher. Dr. in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Associate professor, currently teaching computer algorithms in college. Extensive teaching experience in many computer science subjects to hundreds students aged from elementary all the way to college.
Mr. TsaoDr. Tsao received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA and B.S. in Electrical Eng., from National Taiwan University in Taiwan. He has been a senior software engineer for almost 20 years and has in-depth knowledge of algorithms, data structures and programming skills for large-scale complex problems. Dr. Tsao is strongly passionate about education with latest technologies. He and his wife home-schooled
their three children. Dr. Tsao teaches college-level math, calculus, computer science, algorithm design and programming skills in JAVA/C/C++/Python/HTML/CSS/JavaScripts for programming contests.
Mr. ChristianExperienced software developer and computer science educator. Double Major from UC Berkeley of Math and Computer Science. 10+ years of working with Kids. Author of three books.
Mr. Klimkiv (Mr. K)Maverick computer scientist, indie game developer, and experienced teacher. He received his Bachelor of Science from University of California, San Diego and has tutored students from around the globe in Computer Science for over 4 years.
His love for puzzles and riddles as well as his ability to connect theoretical and conceptual ideas to the real world makes each of his lessons a pleasant and informative experience.
Mr. WatsonSoftware developer in Stanford University. Graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Experienced Python instructor to middle to high school students. Passionate about teaching.
Mr. ColinPython & Javascript full stack engineer, well versed gui programming, web frameworks and machine learning tools. Being teaching at bayarea well known private middle and high schools and local colleges.
Mr. ChuMS in Computer Engineering, more than 20 years of Java & Python Developer experience from various top companies turned to a full time instructor. Being teaching at bayarea well known private middle and high schools and local colleges.
Mr. IpBS, Computer Science, Java, Python instructor. Very experienced in teaching kids.
Ms. VisvanathanBS, Major in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics from San Francisco State University. Previous IDTech summer Java/ Java script instructor.
Ms. GitaVeteran Developer. Top private school CS instructor who teaches Python and Java.
Mr. JawaidBS from UC Davis. Years of experience teaching kids coding from Scratch, Python, Java and Javascript. Specialize in Data Science.
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