Coding Courses

Course Description

Python I - Introduction5th-9thLearn Python and build your own games for web and mobile platforms.
Python II - Advanced6th-9thAdvance your Python programming with data science projects.
Web Design I5th-9thLearn to create Web Sites with HTML and CSS
I - Introduction
6th-9thLearn JavaScript and build your own interactive web content.
Java I - Introduction
8th-12thLearn Java basics and building blocks. Practice and explore by build your own games.
Java II - Advanced 9th-12thAdvanced Java
USACO Bronze9th-12thUSACO Bronze level training
USACO Silver9th-12thUSACO Silver level training
USACO Gold9th-12thUSACO Gold level training


Scratch Introduction
K-2nd This class is designed for little developer with no prior experience. Only six weeks to get the child ready for the programming environment.
Scratch Game Design 1013rd-5thBeginners are introduced to basic programming as they create interactive stories, design animations, and make mini-games.
Scratch Game Design 1023rd-5thStudents who finish Game Design 101 will advance their game design skills.
Scratch Game Design 2014th-6thBuild a projectile-physics based game with explosions, an adventure game, and several mini-games.
Scratch Game Design 2024th-6thBuild a top-down shooting game, a projectile physics game, and a 2-player aerial battle.
Animation Studio(Camp)3rd-5th Learn the basics of animation as you draw your own characters and bring them to life with code. You will use visual programming to control the speed and type of animation as you add animals, dragons, monsters, and avatars into your coding projects.
Creative Coding Studio(Camp)3rd-5thDiscover programming through art, music, and math. Collaborate with other campers as you plan and build amazing projects using visual programming.
Game Design Studio Level 1(Camp)3rd-5thCompact Game Design Studio Class
Game Design Studio Level 2(Camp)6th-8thCompact Game Design Studio Class