Nathan W. (Student, 2020): 

Here are some of my favorite times in writing class.

My absolute favorite time of the year was the part where I got to write my short stories. I love that there is no theme whatsoever, and you can use your imagination. My history of interests all come from one source: My love of mythology. I like to write stories, whether or not the have a word minimum of maximum. I like free writing because there is (usually) no limits, and we can use our creativity, or express our feelings, just by writing a few sentences. I liked the part when Coach A. told us we could write about whatever we want. Therefore, I mixed mythology and ancient nonfiction to create my story. I took some of the names from my favorite video game, but the story is made up.

Coach A. taught me a lot of things, but my favorite was the poem section. We learned about epic poems, such as the Iliad, and the Odyssey, and sonnets, like the works of Shakespeare.  Again, I have to mention the short stories. I loved writing mine! (The second on is not finished, Though)

Anyway, those were my favorite times of the year. I hope I will do them again!

Chun C (Parent, 2020):

Please  help thank the Coach K for us, Caroline likes her very much. It’s a pity that the school time and training schedule conflicts with speech & debate class in the fall. I will continue to pay attention to the future class schedule. And if the conflict gets resolved we will for sure sign up. 

L Ping (Parent, 2020):

Annie loves the speech and debate comprehensive class so much, both Coach K and Coach S were great coaches! Out of all her extra curriculum classes, she always want to sign up yours first.

Jean (Parent, 2019):

I just wanted to thank you again for the python courses that Jennifer had just completed. She really loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about it. She insisted to enroll for the Javascript class this semester. She thinks all the teachers are great and she is excited to come to class every Saturday.

My older son Justin also enjoyed Python class, too bad he does not have more time to take the others as he is busy with school. I hope he can come back and take the higher level classes with DTE!

Connie (Parent, 2018):

As a parent, I appreciated the time and personal attention that the teachers spent on my son. It was a great experience. He started coding scratch coding classes with DTE. Later on took the Python I and II.  Thanks again.