2022-10 Georgetown & Stephen Stewart


Novice MS PF: Juliana/Annie made doubles. Mark /Katie made octos. Jason /Jason made semis.
Jason was 2nd Speaker. Jason was 4th Speaker.
Open MS PF: Vivian /Leon made doubles. Isabella /Karis made octos. Eric /William made quarters.
JV Lincoln-Douglas: Namrata and Jason made octofinals. Jeevpret and Justin made quarters. Shiwen and Claire were co-champions.
Shiwen was Top Speaker. Claire was 5th Speaker. Justin was 9th Speaker.
Novice LD: Ethan was 4th Speaker. Aaron was 5th Speaker.

Stephen Stewart:

Varsity LD: Ethan (Monta Vista) was Top Speaker and made quarterfinals.
Novice LD: Bryan was 5th place.
Meera took 6th (as an 8th grader) and Evan (Nueva) was a finalist in Impromptu.

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