2021 Spring: US History

Understand the essence of American culture and spirit, Learn critical reading and analysis skills, gain ability to look at real problems from history, Construct logical and meticulous thesis writing.

American History” is arguably one of the most important courses, and it is a required course from elementary school to university. However, it is difficult to learn, or to get high scores in AP history. This is also the experience of many high school students. Why is this? Because the study of American history courses requires students to have strong critical thinking skills. Let experienced teacher Ms. Sarah help students to navigate through

is for grade 5-7. Lead with the story of the American president as the main line, the course will cover six important eras in American history. Students will fully participate and learn this course through reading materials, analyzing texts, writing, online class presentations and creative project assignments.

  • Class format: Zoom (Online)
  • Class date / time: 1/12/2021-5/11/2021, Tuesday afternoon 5:00-6:30
  • Total 15 Classes
  • Cost: $375 (do not include textbook or other class materials)
  • Text book:our country’s presidents: A complete Encyclopedia of the U.S. Presidency. Can purchase from Amazon

How to register? Contact us at info@discovertalentedu.com

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