Python II – Advanced

Python II – Advanced(Data Science)

This course will have you writing programs, solving problems, and making things that work in fast pace. You’ll put your new knowledge learned in Python I – Introduction into practice with Data Science projects.

Making beautiful representations of data is about more than pretty pictures. When you have a simple, visually appealing representation of a data set, its meaning becomes clear to viewers. People will see patterns and significance in your data sets that they never knew existed. Students will learn: matplotlib, Pygal, graphical data visualization, CVS file processing, JSON and more!


  • Lesson 1 Output statements, variables, strings, and simple data types, lists, if statements
  • Lesson 2 Dictionaries, user input and while loop
  • Lesson 3 Functions
  • Lesson 4 Classes and Objects
  • Lesson 5 Inheritance, import classes
  • Lesson 6 File read/write
  • Lesson 7 Exception handling
  • Lesson 8 Data Visualization – Plotting a Graph
  • Lesson 9 Data Visualization – Random Walks
  • Lesson 10 Data Visualization – Pygal
  • Lesson 11 Data Visualization – CSV File Processing
  • Lesson 12 Data Visualization – CSV File Processing continued
  • Lesson 13 Data Visualization – JSON
  • Lesson 14 Data Visualization – JSON continued
  • Lesson 15 Final Project


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