January 2023 Results Round-Up

  • Over 230 of our students have won a public speaking award since late July of 2022.
  • Our high school students performed phenomenally–winning championships in Declamation (St. Genesius–1st, 2nd, 5th, and semifinals), Oratory (Peninsula–1st and 5th) and Extemp (Thomas Jefferson–1st), making final rounds in Congress (Mount Vernon–10th; Peninsula–7th, 9th, and 11th), POI (Peninsula–4th), Impromptu (Peninsula–7th and semifinals), Humorous Interp (Mount Vernon–2nd), and Declamation (Peninsula–5th and 6th), and advancing to semifinals in Worlds Debate (Harvard-Westlake) and Informative (Peninsula).
  • Our Orange County students won awards in Oratory (1st and 7th), Expository (2nd), Humorous (2nd), Impromptu (3rd and 6th), Declamation (3rd), Dramatic (5th), and Congress (7th, 8th and 10th) at the Orange County Forensics League spring competition.
  • Our middle schoolers made elimination rounds at high school competitions (Peninsula–Informative, Declamation, and Public Forum; St. Genesius–Declamation, Commentary, Pro-Con Challenge, Storytelling, and Humorous).
  • Our elementary schoolers kept up their streak at the Southern California Junior Forensics League, winning Oratory and Storytelling (and placing in Declamation and SPAR).
  • We were named the top academy (and third place overall program) at the St. Genesius competition, which drew programs from 29 (!) different states.
  • We’ve earned 24 ‘bids’ to the most competitive tournaments in the country (the NIETOC and Kentucky Tournament of Champions) in Original Oratory, Programmed Oral Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Extemp, Student Congress, Dramatic Interpretation, and Policy Debate.

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