2022 June National Online Forensics League Championship

National Online Forensics League Championship:

  • High school: 
    • Samuel got Gold in Lincoln-Douglas.
    • Evan (New Age) got Gold in Impromptu and Silver in Extemp. He was also the 2nd Place overall individual speaker (as an eighth grader).
    • Sophia got Bronze in Oratory.
  • Middle school: 
    • Arshia (Frisco) got Gold and Jennifer got Silver in Persuasive.
    • Grace got Gold in Declamation and Bronze in HI.
    • Jennifer got Bronze in Dramatic.
  • Elementary school (3rd Place overall team):
    • Yuqiao got Silver in Impromptu.
    • Thomas got Silver in Informative.
    • Yuqiao and Brenda got Bronze in Persuasive.
    • Matthew got Bronze in Storytelling.
    • Yuqiao and Anny got Bronze in SPAR.

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