2020 Coding Competition

If you are interested in the competition. Please fill it out for us to confirm your enrollment.


Here are the details:

Coding Competition

Timeline: Starting 1/7, end 3/15/2020
Fee: None

Two age groups:
5-8th graders
9+ Graders

Each group will have
1 first prize: $75
1 Second Prize: $50
3 Third prize: $25

Announcement of winners on our SVWA Youth Group Website and DTE Coding & Debate School Website
Also celebration will be at the Annual Mother’s day Party. (Usually in May)

Format: Online submission
Two things to submit:

  1. The presentation – ppt or pdf format – design, idea, social impact etc
  2. The code – Python or Java only, runnable code. Comes with instructions of additional software package to run (zip up and upload)

Bonus: Other supporting material can also be submitted to support the project

SVWA Youth Group
DTE http://www.discovertalentedu.com

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